Scope 2015

The scope of the International LINQ Conference is the modernization and improvement of learning, education and training through the focus on Learning Innovations and Learning Quality. LINQ invites and welcomes all experts and practitioners from all educational levels, sectors and fields to share and discuss experiences, good examples and future trends. During the last conferences, the LINQ organizers were pleased to welcome several hundreds participants from our global community, each year from four continents. Thus, LINQ is the truely international conference for lively debates and interactive sessions.

The motto of the International LINQ Conference 2015 is:

“The Need for Change in Education: Openness as Default?”

To address the current and future challenges, education has to change and modernize. Open Education is becoming (again) a hot topic in scientific debates but lacks adaptations in schools, universities and lifelong learning. LINQ 2015 reminds on openness as the default in the past and asks for the potential and benefits of its (re-) establishment. In particular the following topics will be adrressed and discussed:

  • Vision and needs for change in education through open learning worldwide
  • Strategies and implementations of openness in learning processes
  • Global aspects of high-quality open education
  • Quality indicators and methods to describe, measure and evaluate quality for open education, OER and MOOCs
  • Conceptual contributions on new and innovative quality models, methodologies, standards and approaches for open education and e-learning
  • Practical experiences and reports with implementations of quality approaches for open education
  • Competences required by institutions as well as by learners for designing, practicing and improving the quality of open learning
  • Methodologies for and experience of increased recognition of open learning in formal, non-formal and informal learning, education and training
  • Certification of open education and e-learning in institutions, programs & courses
  • Integrated innovation and quality approaches for opening up education
  • International, national and regional quality projects related to the themes of the conference